Event Funding Guidelines

The UCSC Graduate Student Commons offers limited funding for campus events, travel and educational opportunities for the benefit of graduate students. Read the following guidelines and then fill out our online form to submit your request. The GSC can only co-sponsor events if:

  • You have answered all the questions below and submitted them on time.
  • The event is open to graduate students from more than one department, and graduate students are a significant part of the expected audience or the organization committee.

How to request funding from the GSC

  • Submit the web form at least 3 days before the GSCGB meeting at which you want the request to be decided.
  • Submit a specific budget for your event.
  • Come to the meeting and be prepared to explain your answers.

Requirements For events that GSC decides to fund, we have the following requirements:

  1. GSC must be listed as a sponsor or cosponsor on any event promotional materials such as fliers and emails, e.g. by including the sentence “Co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Commons Governance Board.”
  2. Copies of event fliers should be submitted to the Graduate Student Commons. Our mailing address is: Graduate Student Commons 201 Graduate Commons University of California Santa Cruz 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064
  3. Submit an email announcement about your event to GSC's Facilities Manager (rneuman@ucsc.edu at ucsc.edu) at least five days before the event.
  4. There are a couple of ways to receive the funding. If your organization has an account with the university, the funds can be transferred into the account directly from the GSC account. Please send the Facilities Manager your organization name, account number (fund and organization number) as well as the accountant/operations contact for this account. If you do not have a university account, then WITHIN FOUR WEEKS of the event, you must submit either a Direct Payment form (for non-food items,) or an Entertainment and Student Programming Reimbursement form (for food items). The person applying for reimbursement has to sign twice: once under "requester," and once under "host."; GSC CANNOT fund alcohol! The ORIGINAL receipts must be included and they must be itemized (listing all items and the individual prices). If you fail to meet the four week deadline, you forfeit the right to receive any funding from the GSC. Important: Unless you have done so in the past, you need to fill out a 204 form. And if you are not an American citizen, there is additional paperwork required. Co-sponsorship Funding Application