Usage Policies for Computers and Printers

The graduate student commons has an Apple iMac and Windows PC for use by all graduate students, both computers have access to a black and white laser printer. The policies governing the use of this equipment is outline below:

Abide by campus usage policies found at
Specific GSC Computer Policy

  • There is a 10 minute limit computer time if there are others waiting for the computer.

Specific GSC Printer Policy

  • All students have access to the Pharos Copier machine for copying, printing or scanning documents. 
  • Log In: User name, which is the letters before the @ in your UCSC email address.
    Password: Last 4 digits of your student ID.
  • Costs $0.08/black & white and $0.24/color per page.  Charges will be billed to your Student Business Services (SBS) account.
  • If a FOAPAL is associated with your user ID then the cost is $0.06/b/w and $0.18/color and will be billed to your associated FOAPAL. 
  • Scanning is free and will be sent directly to your email address.

Abuse of any of these GSC policies will result in loss of usage.