Checkout Policies for GSC Equipment

The GSC has a digital LCD projector and Macbook laptop available for student checkout and a Nintendo Wii for use at the commons. The policies for use and checkout of equipment is listed below:Digital LCD Projector

  • The LCD Projector will be stored in the GSC Facilities Managers office.
  • The projector may be checked out for 4 hour blocks of time at the front desk; you must fill out the form and leave a UCSC graduate student ID (the ID must have the current term's sticker or your name must be on the current grad roster at the desk).
  • You may extend your 4-hour block if nobody else has requested the projector.
  • The projector may NOT be taken outside of the Grad Commons.
  • The projector must be returned to the grad commons by closing time (5 p.m. on most days---check at the front desk each time to make sure).
  • Projector users must adhere to UCSC Computer Guidelines.

Macbook Laptop Nintendo Wii