3) Article 3: Officers and Executive Committee

3.1) The GSCGB officers are the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and the Programming Committee Chair. These officers form the GSC Executive Board (GSCEB), along with the Facilities Manager. Only currently enrolled graduate students are eligible to be officers. The Vice-President may simultaneously hold the position of Programming Committee Chair at the same time, and in the absence of a Programming Committee Chair, the position defaults to the Vice-President.

3.1.1) Officers shall be elected at the second to last meeting of the academic year for 1-year terms beginning July 1st. Following elections, the GSCEB must host a meeting for current and newly elected officers to discuss the GSC leadership. Attendance is mandatory for all current and newly elected officers, and representatives from the DGS should be invited. The meeting must take place no later than the final GSCGB meeting of the year. At this meeting the current and future officers will review the GSC Constitution, the GSC-DGS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the state of the GSC’s finances, and other information pertinent to the leadership of the GSC.

3.1.2) The President serves as the Chair of the GSC and is, therefore, a non-voting member unless his/her vote is needed to break a tie during a simple majority vote.

3.1.3) The Vice-President of the GSCGB ordinarily serves as an additional voting member.  The Vice-President is responsible for recording minutes of GSCGB and Executive Committee meetings, for distributing GSCGB meeting agendas, and, in the absence of the President, assumes the role of Chair.

3.1.4) The Treasurer serves as an additional voting member, and the Chair of the Finance Committee. At the first meeting of the year they shall give an address to the GSCGB including, but not limited to, the state of the Plant Reserve Balance, loan balance, and operating budget, and a five year plan for the GSC finances. They are also responsible for submitting/overseeing the submission of Purchase Orders and Entertainment Reporting Forms.

3.1.5) The Programming Committee Chair serves as an additional voting member, and the Chair of the Programming Committee. They are responsible for coordinating the programming events put on by the GSCGB that do not fall under the responsibility of the GSC Graduate Intern. The responsibilities of the Programming Committee Chair include ensuring that all necessary paperwork is submitted on time prior to an event. The Programming Committee Chair must submit a preliminary budget report at the end of each academic year to the Finance Committee. Once the budget is set for the upcoming academic year, the Programming Committee Chair may make budgetary decisions as long as those decisions stay within budget.

3.2) The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Programming Committee Chair, and the Facilities Manager. The President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Programming Committee Chair, and the Facilities Manager are all voting members of the Executive Committee.

3.2.1) The Executive Committee shall conduct GSCGB business between regular meetings of the GSCGB. The Executive Committee cannot make governance decisions that would change the Constitution, its Bylaws, and/or its Amendments. All decisions made by the Executive Committee must be approved at the next meeting of the GSCGB.

3.2.2) The President is the official representative of the GSCGB and must represent the opinions, practices, and ideas of the GSCGB. The President is also responsible for acting as Chair for all GSCGB and Executive Committee meetings.

3.3) Any voting member may call for the GSCGB to recall an officer at the next regular meeting. Such a recall is classified as a major question as defined by this Constitution and its Bylaws and Amendments.  Grounds for recalling an officer must be based on failure of the officer to perform the duties of his/her office as defined explicitly and implicitly by this Constitution and its Bylaws and Amendments.

3.4) At the discretion of the GSCGB, the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Programming Committee Chair may be paid a quarterly stipend.