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Meeting Thursday February 21, 2013 12-1:30pm

The following agenda will be discussed:

Mark is gone most of March - Walter is point person

Socials POs?

  • 1st friday 3/1
  • costco,safeway,setup,etc
  • band again?
  • pay band? 200/300?
  • game night 2/27
  • point person? volunteers? games? advertising?
  • dodgeball 3/9
  • Katie? update- volunteers? advertising? mark has 6 movie ticket prizes
  • st pattys 3/15 5:30 - 8 point person? music? advertising? decor?


GSCGB Meeting tomorrow June 20, 2012

11:00 - 12:30
ratify constitution
discuss member pay
GSC over summer - staffing, programs?, 1st Fridays at local establishment for discount? Beach BBQ? etc
GSR over summer and 2012-2013
additional award for mural
budget presentation - Diane
pres and vp elections
EOY evaluation for Diane
State of the Commons - how did we do / how effective were our various programming events? goals for next year
other: website improvements/modifications; Diane Job Description