GSCGB meeting this Thursday (March 8) 1:30-3pm

Agenda as follows:

  • report on meeting with Dean Miller to move Grad Commons under Grad Div
  • Diane midyear review process - Sayo
  • Danielle fall overview and prof develop activities - success of events in fall and presentation of the 'research' aspect of her position
  • mural - update
  • continue Prof Coord with grad div - decide on process for position - 2yrs with spring training period of shadowing for new person?
  • ideas to enlarge board - how will we democratically enlarge our voting board?
  • Diane's Job Description and full time continuation
  • remaining events in winter - success of current events
  • spring events (professional development, social - what party theme and when) and making new flier
  • website improvements - how can we make it better (past events photos, clubs at commons -names and contacts, comments/feedback page, what else to add/modify)

All grads are welcome to attend!