Governance of the GSC

The GSC is run by two entities, the Director of Graduate Student Life and the GSC Governace Board (GSCGB). The Director of Graduate Student Life is responsible for the day-to-day management of the GSC, while the GSCGB enacts usage policies of the GSC. The GSCGB is composed primarily of 19 graduate students --President, Vice President, Treasurer and Program Coordinaor, and 15 regular voting members, other voting members include the GSCGB Vice President, Treasurer and Program Coordinator.  There are also non-voting positions for staff, faculty, and undergraduates (one position each), to ensure that the GSCGB takes the entire campus into consideration when making decisions. If you are interested in serving on the GSCGB, please contact the Graduate Commons on our contact page.
Graduate Student Commons Executive Board 2019-20
PresidentRyan Van Haren
Vice President: Ryan Pili
Treasurer: Brynna Downey
Programming Coordinator: Alexandra Race
Graduate Intern: Sona Kaur
Director of Graduate Student Life: Rachel Neuman

GSC Governance Board Members 19-20

If you are interested in becoming a member or are a representative appointed to sit on the GSCGB for a vacant position please contact the president from our contact page.



  • Ryan Van Haren, President
  • Ryan Pili, Vice President
  • Brynna Downey, Treasurer
  • Alexandra Race, Programming Coordinator

Graduate Representatives

  • Arts - Vacant
  • Humanities - Vacant
  • Engineering -
  • Physical and Biological Sciences - 
  • Social Sciences - 

Governance Board Voting Members

  • Alexandra Race, Brynna Downey, Ryan Pili, Brent Limyansky, Daniel Copulsky, Harrison Shieh, Jack Lin, Giselle Laiduc, Daniel Alves, Thomas Ng 

Undergraduate, Faculty, and Staff Representatives

  • Currently Vacant, Intercollegiate Council on Student Appointments representative
  • Currently Vacant, Academic Senate representative
  • Fiona Weigant, Staff Advisory Board representative

Non-Voting Members

  • Rachel Neuman, Director of Graduate Student Life
  • Vacant, Alumni Association representative
  • Quentin Williams, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • John Bilanko, Current Tenant
  • Fiona Weigant, SAB
  • Rachel Neuman, Quarry Plaza Council
  • Lori Kletzer, iEVC
  • Sona Kaur, GSC Intern

Ad Hoc Subcommittee Members:

  • Finance Committee - Brynna Downey (chair,, Daniel Copulsky, Harrion Shieh, Ryan Van Haren, Fiona Weigant,  Jim Moore, Rachel Neuman
  • Programming Committee - Alexandra Race (chair,, Brent Limyansky, Daniel Alves, Jack Lin, Thomas Ng, Sona Kaur, Rachel Neuman 
  • Outreach Committee - Ryan Pili (chair,, Daniel Alves, Giselle Laiduc, Sona Kaur, Rachel Neuman

and...YOU! Join the Grad Commons! E-mail us from our contact page to learn how you can become involved.


*Updated November 27, 2019