Reserve GSC Rooms

The GSC has study rooms available for reservation. See below for a description of activities considered appropriate for reservation. Make sure to read the building policies before making a reservation.

The study rooms on the upper floor are primarily for quiet activity. They may be reserved according to the following guidelines:

  • Campus organizations consisting only of graduate students may reserve these rooms up to 4 hours per week, for any date during open hours in the current academic year.
  • Individual graduate students may reserve rooms for academic purposes (e.g. TA office hours, academic meetings, practice talks, study sessions) up to 2 hours per week for the current quarter, starting the first day of each quarter.
  • Individual graduate students may reserve the rooms for non-academic purposes up to 2 hours per week, up to a month in advance. Non-academic reservations will be considered only after the first full week of the quarter. This is to ensure that academic reservations receive priority. The purpose of the reservation must primarily target graduate students.
  • All other campus affiliates may reserve space on a case by case basis, if the event is primarily targeting graduate students. All such reservation must be made 2 weeks in advance. A usage fee may be charged.

On-line Room Reservations

Be sure to read the GSC policies before filling out this form. Be aware that simply filling out this form does not guarantee that your reservation will be made. It's possible that your requested time and room is already booked. Email will be sent to the contact address confirming whether or not the reservation has been approved.

User Info
Name of person requesting the reservation.
Your organization / classification.
Event Info
Information about the event requirements:
Please present a brief description of the planned event (Two sentences max).
The classification of this event.
There are four areas of the GSC which are available for reservations. The large study room is optimal for large meetings or more than about half a dozen people. The smaller study rooms are best for office hours, study groups, or small meetings. The Fireside Lounge is more restrictive for reserving. In the menu below, select the room you would like to reserve.
Dates and Times
For one-time events, we need to know the date of the events. For regular and irregular multiple use, we need to know the first date the reservation begins. Graduate student organizations may reserve rooms up to a year in advance. Other student organizations and individual graduate students may reserve rooms up to a quarter in advance for academic purposes, or up to a month in advance for non-academic purposes.
Please select the start time and duration for your reservation. If the menus do not fit your time (e.g. 12:15pm for 45 minutes), please tell us the time and duration in the comment box. If you need to reserve space after 5 p.m., please note this in the comment box, as special arrangements have to made for staffing, which costs $10/hour.
How often do you need to reserve this space? If you need to reserve it for any multiple-use schedule other than a regular weekly schedule (e.g. every Tuesday), be sure to explain your requirements in the comment box. Keep in mind that graduate student organizations are limited to 4 hours per week, and individual graduate students and other student organizations are limited to 2 hours per week.
Remember that graduate student organizations are limited to 4 hours per week, and other student organizations and individual graduate students are limited to 2 hours per week.
Please describe your primary/intended audience.
Do you need a GSC provided projector?
Are you interested in having the GSC promote your event? (The GSC is only promoting events held in our space or sponsored/hosted by the GSC)
Food and Beverages
Please use this space to enter any comments regarding your reservation, or any information that you could not accurately enter above. Please also specify time for set-up and clean-up (in addition to specifying your event time), a link for RSVPs (if necessary) and whether or not you will create a flyer for promotional purposes.

Please click the I'm not a robot checkbox below and wait for a green checkmark to appear before submitting this form. This helps stop automated SPAM bots from filling out this form.

Reservation Calendar

Rooms are available to reserve online in advance for graduate students or groups comprised of mostly graduate students. Please read and understand the building policies before applying for an online reservation. The calendars are also posted outside the rooms at the GSC. For any questions about reservations please contact the GSC.

To make a reservation please go to the online reservation page.

To view the availability and description for a specific room, please click on the colored box above the calendar. A summary of room occupancy is listed below.

Fireside Lounge #204 Large Study Room #206 Small Study Room #208 Small Study Room